Transition to Cloud: A Journey to Modern Work with Microsoft 365

Did you know that the average company uses over 200 work-related apps? Many companies find that these apps don’t play well together or offer a fragmented experience. But, with Microsoft 365 you can get industry-leading apps combined with intelligent cloud services and world-class security.  Transitioning to the cloud offers many benefits such as:  Better collaboration Reduced downtime Increased efficiency  Improved … Read More

Be Prepared with Lexpath’s Business Continuity Solutions

Does your company have a business continuity plan in place in the event of a disaster? Unpredicted events such as: ✅ fires ✅ tornadoes ✅ floods ✅ hurricanes ✅ cyberattacks ✅ or external threats  can cost your business in downtime, lost income, and major data loss. So what can you do to prevent a disaster from disabling your business?  Create … Read More

Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

You can unleash the power of AI and completely transform your business with predictive analytics with Azure Machine Learning. Not only does employing predictive analytics help you detect and uncover patterns in data and recognize potential risks, it also helps companies identify potential opportunities. Some of the industries that use predictive analytics are: Retail Financial Services Marketing Healthcare And more. … Read More

Managed Services Explained

Has your company ever experienced: Recurring computer problems? Loss of data? Expensive downtime or outages? Network failures? Do you spend a ton of internal resources dealing with IT issues? If so, then Managed Services may be the solution your company needs!  Simply put, Managed Services (MS) is outsourcing an IT company (also known as a Managed Service Provider or MSP) … Read More

Keep Your Data Secure and Foster Collaboration with Cloud Solutions

Has your workforce gone partially or fully remote?  Concerned about keeping your data secure? Not sure how to facilitate collaboration with your remote workforce? Cloud solutions can help! Lexpath can help your business pivot to cloud-based services that don’t require big capital expenditures! You’ll no longer have to waste money on purchasing expensive local data storage and buying and maintaining … Read More